500 error in CRM documents' API

Hello everyone.

I’m making a POST request to documents’ API using Postman, in order to register a document based on a document template. Unfortunately, I’m receiving a 500 error, like so:


What can be done to make this work? Thanks!

Usually 500 errors something developers cannot to much to solve.

I have routed your query to the Freshworks CRM team.

Let us know what you learn!

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[Freshwroks CRM Support]

On checking further, we could see that you were facing the error as the currency_code field was missing.

Please use this API code and check the same,

      "display_name":"Testing API 5",
      "cpq_document_template_name":"Quotation 1"

Callback URL: https://domainname.myfreshworks.com/crm/sales/cpq/cpq_documents

Kindly make the changes and execute the API Command and this will create the document.

The team has taken feedback about the wrong status code being returned. It should be 400 instead of 500.

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