Accessing Freshsales Objects and Freshdesk objects

Why FreshSales and FreshDesk are two entirely different setups with its on own API key and user account etc.?

We have customers using both FreshSales and FreshDesk and they want to have a custom solution where they want to access both the objects.

To make it worse, even account object is different in both systems. Why there is no single Account object that is common to FreshSales and FreshDEsk ?

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Great Question @MoblizeIT_LLC!

While both the products are branded under Freshworks, both the products (:freshdesk: and :freshsales: ) are own their own engineering wise. Which is root cause of this problem and we acknowledge this problem.

Not having two API Keys and Single Account Object is the arena we definitely are marching towards. Thanks for posting this. It will help us take to our Product Managers.

One of the first steps, we have taken so far is to bring in support for Omni Apps (Yet to be announced). In short, Omni apps are a way, where developer can build and deploy app once and they become user accessible for multiple products. You can expect to an announcement on this in upcoming weeks but with restrictions in phases on products those support Omni capabilities.

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