Add notification indicator for custom apps

Is there any possible way to add a custom dot notification indicator for the apps in the ticket or chat sidebar in fresh chat?

eg: app integrated with Hubspot
Initial no contact is created on ticket creation, later the agent needs to create a contact the notification indicator helps in this case to remind them

I have attached an image below where to add the notification

Is there any update Team?

I guess something like this isn’t possible, @Anish

But this is interesting, so I will try to convert this into a feedback item.

I didn’t understand how you will, as an app developer want the dot to appear. For example, if a new contact is created in HubSpot, your app should poll/listen for new updates and then show a notification dot.

Hi @Saif,

Not like that, In case Hubspot is integrated with Freshchat, the actual workflow will be to create a contact if a new chat is started.

Some customers ask that they need to manually add a contact from Freshchat so we are moving to a custom app.

So it would be better to notify them that the contact is not yet created with a dot notification in the custom app.

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Hope this helps @Saif

This is very helpful @Anish

Something like this isn’t possible in the platform today, but it is a valid use case. I also have reported your ask to the product managers internally.

Thanks for considering this @Saif,

Is it possible for knowing this once it’s approved?

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