API Limit Issue

We like to integrate External products where Freshdesk needs to send all the ticket details to the External Products on daily basis. More than 50,000+ Tickets are processed in a single day for clients or possibly bandwidth of 350+ tickets is created/updated for a min.

Also, we want to build it as a Freshdesk Marketplace App which sends the ticket to the external product.

Is it possible to remove the Freshdesk Account API limit for a particular Application? i.e Without consuming the existing subscription API limit for the Freshdesk account. Because the account which installs the application ticket bandwidth varies.

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Thanks for the understanding.

Hi @ajithr,

Since you have said that you want to build this as a Freshworks app, there are a few ways to implement this:

  1. If you do not need historical data: If you are building a Freshworks App, you can listen to onTicketCreate product event to get details of tickets as they are created. This way, you will not need to call the REST API for tickets that are created after the app is installed. You can choose to cache the onTicketCreate event data in the app’s data store and use a scheduled function to periodically send batches of updates to the remote server. Given that the rate of ticket creation may be high, you are unlikely to hit Request API rate limits if you use batching + scheduled functions.

  2. If you need historical data: Additionally, if you need historical data, you can still use a scheduled function to call the Freshdesk REST API periodically. To do so, you can use the List all Tickets or Filter Tickets endpoints which allow fetching a list of tickets with an updated_since or with created_at timestamps. You can then send those ticket data to the external services using Request Method.

You are unlikely to hit any rate limits if you use either of these implementation scenarios. But if you still do, you can request an increase in rate limits for an app installation (this is tied to a specific app installation in a specific account) using the form to request an increase of Platform rate limits.

For more details on what rate limits can be modified, please see Get assistance in extending platform API limits for your apps.

Finally, the usage of Freshdesk REST APIs is governed by the REST API rate limits which are different from the platform feature rate limits applicable for apps installed in an account. If you need to request changes to REST API rate limits, I believe you will have to upgrade the plan or add more agents. For this, please get in touch with support@freshdesk.com for more details about REST API rate limits.


Hi @kaustavdm

We need the historical data, so we chose the second method.
Need to know if it covers any API limit
Ex: In Freshdesk Ticket API, we are already aware that we can get a maximum of 300 pages (9000 tickets) will be returned.

We need to process more than 75000 tickets if we used the List all Tickets or Filter Tickets. shall we get more tickets or a maximum of 9000 tickets only returned

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