Beginners Q on updating ticket details from an app

Hi guys,
I can set a ticket status to Open using client.interface.trigger(“setValue”,{id: “status”, value: 2})
But how do I then trigger the Update button below it to save my change?
I assume there is some argument to trigger that I can’t find in the docs.
– Steve

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for reaching out and participating here. First, let me welcome you to the Freshworks Developer Community!

There is no update Interface API. Interface APIs work on just the UI. The agent has to manually click on Update. If you would like to automate the process completely, you can do so by using the Ticket Update API - Freshdesk

Hope this helps!



Oh well thank you for the quick and clear answer.

I had hoped to give our agent a single button that would make a couple of http calls then update the ticket status.

– Steve