Best Pattern to continously create new tickets


I am planning on building an integration with an external API that delivers issues but not event based. The external API can be called and will deliver issues as a payload when new ones are available. So the pattern would be to call the external API continously (every couple of minutes) and create a new ticket for each issue available.

Before starting developing an App for this I would like to understand what the best pattern would be to achieve this?

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Hi @phil,

Welcome to the community! :wave: From what I understood, your integration involves Serverless Freshworks App and an external API. However, the external API is not event-based hence results in a need to poll.

  • Are there further details that you can share regarding the nature of the external API? (Frequency of issues that are generated, payload size, the response times of the API)

  • Just to confirm again, does the external API support any sort of webhook registration mechanism? In that case, you can readily leverage the External events platform feature to receive payloads. Ideally, this pattern is recommended where there is a way to subscribe to events.

  • If the external API does not support webhook registrations you can checkout Scheduled events, Request methods, and data storage platform features. This feature set will let you poll, find the delta, and enable ticket creation to happen. However, this is subject to the scale factor mentioned in point 1.

@Hem thx for the quick reply.

The external API does not provide webhooks at the moment.
Issues can arise from every minute to hours. However there is already a “delta” service that delivers the changes since the last call to the API.

I will check out scheduled events and see if that works for now.

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