C-Zentrix-Freshsales, Click to call

Hello Team,
We have a potential customer in Indian region -ETSY for Freshsales. They’re currently in terms of integrating with CTI called C-Zentrix.

They require Click to Call facility to be enabled/used when this integration is completed. Can anyone guide me on how this could be enabled/possibly have it implemented?

Thank you.

Hello @Sharadh_Shankar_G,

By Click to Call facility, Are you looking your app to capture the phone number whenever user clicks on the phone number inside Freshsales modules? Is that what you are looking for?

You can achieve it by,

client.events.on("calling", function(event){
 let data = event.helper.getData();
 data.number; // will have number that user has clicked on. 

Does that help?

Potential Ref : marketplace-sample-apps/Freshworks-Samples/Freshdesk/sample_cti_app at master · freshdesk/marketplace-sample-apps · GitHub

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