Can we access all ticket data from onConversationCreate event?


I am curious if there is a way to expand the payload that comes from the onConversationCreate event? It appears that it only contains information pertaining to the conversation. It would be nice to see all the ticket properties.

Use case is that I only want to have the application to perform a function on certain tickets. Is there a way to access these properties in the serverless app? onTicketCreate and onTicketUpdate access the ticket data allowing me to isolate a ticket based on a custom field but I don’t have access to that data from onConversationCreate.

Any ideas on how to workaround this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi @Zach

If you want to access ticket details, just take the ticket id from onConversationCreate event and make API call to get the ticket details.

I hope this helps you.


@Saravanakumar_Raju Thank you so much this was exactly the solution I was looking for. Appreciate all your help!