Can we perform specific action for particular bot in Freshchat

I have created more than 10 bots in my Freshchat account. I want to create a Salesforce lead for particular bots only. Is there any unique id I can check on OnConversationUpdate event. Can it be possible?

Please suggest.

Hello @akash.pagare

Can you also explore an option to trigger Salesforce API from within those specific bot?

@adarsh I will trigger the salesforce API on resolved event of bot and that part has been done. Now, I just want to perform that action to specific bot only.

Is the bot linked to a topic?

If yes, you can use advanced automation app.

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Thank you @adarsh for your feedback. I am unable to found this configuration. Could you please provide me the steps to configure this settings.


You will have to install the Advanced Automations app from the Freshchat Marketplace.

From there, when you open the app settings, click on Create new Automation.

Then choose the appropriate trigger for the rule to run.

Click on Add Condition

In conditions, you will be able to choose a topic on which you want to run the rule.

You will also be able to choose multiple topics where you want to trigger API.

Details on how to use the app are given on this link Using the Advanced Automations app from Freshchat : Freshchat


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