Can we update a ticket with cc emails empty

Can we update a ticket with empty cc_emails? I tried with cc_emails:[ ] as a body but it’s throwing an error.
How I can resolve this?


Hi @soujanya,

Are you trying to remove the existing CC emails or you want to ignore this field?
Could you please attach what is the error that you get?

Hi @Raviraj,

I’m trying to remove cc_emails once the ticket gets created and for this the request body looks like below
var body=JSON.stringify({
cc_emails:[ ]
The response for this is
field": “cc_emails”,
“message”: “Unexpected/invalid field in request”,
“code”: “invalid_field”

@soujanya When a new reply or note is created, the cc_emails can be passed as empty.

If Update Conversation API is used to update the existing notes, only body and attachments fields can be updated. The cc_emails field cannot be modified.

For detailed info, please refer to this documentation section.