Can't include the ticket field 'tags' in my data profile in oracle apex

When I try to include the ‘tags’ field in my data profile (rest data sources). How can I accomplish this?

This is the JSON of one ticket:

“cc_emails”: ,
“fwd_emails”: ,
“reply_cc_emails”: ,
“ticket_cc_emails”: ,
“fr_escalated”: true,
“spam”: false,
“email_config_id”: null,
“group_id”: 35000190450,
“priority”: 4,
“requester_id”: 35012059298,
“responder_id”: 35015865441,
“source”: 3,
“company_id”: 35000510618,
“status”: 5,
“subject”: “Login problem”,
“association_type”: null,
“to_emails”: null,
“product_id”: null,
“id”: 5254,
“type”: “Application error”,
“due_by”: “2020-11-23T11:51:47Z”,
“fr_due_by”: “2020-11-23T08:06:47Z”,
“is_escalated”: false,
“custom_fields”: {
“cf_prioriteit_klant”: “Priority 1”
“created_at”: “2020-11-23T07:51:47Z”,
“updated_at”: “2020-11-25T12:19:30Z”,
“associated_tickets_count”: null,
“tags”: [

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Hi @tychopycho,

Could you explain what do you want to achieve in Freshdesk via API?

Tags attribute is supported as array of strings as mentioned in your sample payload when a ticket is created or updated.


I’m trying to include the tags field in my dataprofile so I can synchronise the data to a table so I can count the amount of tickets linked to a customer.

@tychopycho I don’t know Oracle Apex. Neither we have any experts in our community.

Could you describe if any doubt in the Freshdesk API side? You can check the Freshdesk API documentation.
If the query is in Oracle Apex side, please raise it in their forum or support. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No i don’t thing the problem is in the Freshdesk API, I will ask the Oracle Apex community if they know what’s wrong.
Thank you for your help!

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