Catch ticket updates

I am just starting out here.

My goal is to catch email responses to tickets, parse the body of the email for particular keywords, then update properties of the ticket based on words or phrases in the email. I’m reading the documentation but am a little lost at the moment trying to find how to do this.

I believe I have answered the first part of my question using a serverless application with onConversationUpdate. Once that is triggered then I could code the status change in the handler for that function. That is straightforward. I suppose that now my question is more how can I test that my code is working on actual data rather than just test data manually put in file?

Good Day!
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here are the different ways to do the testing,

  1. local testing by running the app locally with the test data (Overview)
  2. create it as a custom app and test it with real data.

Hope it helps