'conversation') rejects with an error

I have trouble to get the “conversation” data in a Freshchat app, ran locally.
All other Data methods are working as expected, but the one to get the conversation (as documented here in the Inbox Page Methods section) fails without error message although I am within a chat conversation, I run it after the app is activated, and I even tried after a timeout but no more luck, it fails everytime… I might be missing something but I don’t know what… Any Idea?

Here is a screenshot showing my code on the right (I’m using Vue) and the console on the left.
Thanks for reading and for your help!

Hi @JBA,

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Could you expand on the error object ?

Could be similar to [1]

Hi @Saif sorry I missed that part, but sadly the error object does not show anything useful, that could confirm your thought about the bug you refer to (?) Here is a screenshot of the expanded error:

Hi @Saif,

Worth a note, I updated the FDK from 6.13.0 to 6.13.1 and now the get(“conversation”) call works as shown on that capture. Did your team fix this already or was it a buggy FDK?

Hi again @Saif

After a few days working like a charm, and one more fdk version update… suddenly the problem comes back, and there is no way to retrieve the conversation. And as previously, there is no error shown (error object is empty)…
I tried to reinstall the fdk, empty caches, and so on… but still no luck and locked into that weird error.

Did you have a chance to get feedback from the team around this issue?

I tried to report the empty object issue. But I haven’t received any update from the Freshdesk Messaging (previously Freshchat) team on this. I hoped someone could revert. But regarding the fix @JBA, I am not really aware of any fix in specific. But I want to confirm an additional aspect in your experience - Do you see this effect irrespective of local simulation or uploading as a custom app?

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Hi @Saif,

This issue occurs while I’m running the FDK locally as a local simulation.