Codecoverage for Freshwork CRM / Vue

Hi freshworks team, is there a way for the generated code coverage during fdk run to work for an app that is created with vue? We noticed on our app that the code coverage does not improve or change even though we tried to delete the coverage directory and navigated through the freshworks crm site with ?dev=true . Nothing works. Are we missing something? Thanks!

For your reference @msenhaji, please do take a look here

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In addition to what @prithvi said, At this moment, unfortunately, the FDK is not equipped to collect code coverage for apps built using Vue and react, although you can write unit tests using jest for these apps and get the code coverage for the components based on your needs.

The feature to support to code coverage in the FDK by default for react and Vue apps is in the roadmap and you can expect it in the coming months.

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Thanks for your quick reply !!