Custom app for balance inquiry

Hello guys hoping your ok , i was wondering if you can help us with this .

We need to set up an custom app for balance inquiry via IVR , as per this documentation Routing Automation in Freshdesk Contact Center : Freshdesk Contact Center.

but we havent been able to make it work ,

•do you have any other documentaion that could help us ?
• If we create the Custom App ServerLess that comes in its documentation, it will allow us to perform the interaction in our IVR for balance inquiries?
• In case it is not with that documentation that we obtained from the Developers portal, you would have an example of what type of configuration we should create and what type of layout we should use for it. (If your development team had an example of a custom app other than the one on the portal, it would help us better understand how its process and queries work)
• For the queries that we must make in our current system we can store variables such as in your chatbot system, in the call system you can also save the variables obtained from the API to use later in the call interaction or we must re-execute This query, for example in the first menu, gives us 8 digits that we must consult with the API and 3 options later we must return to obtain the value previously received, this is possible or we must request these 8 digits again to obtain the response from a new account.
• The Custom App is hosted on your system, but this custom is only visible to us or may be visible to other clients of yours, this to know the level of security that we must use in it.
• The ips from where the Call system is executed are the same ones used in the chatbot or there is some difference, to give access to those queries from our Firewall.

Really appreciate all your help , regards

Hi, @Deepak_Malode can you help here with your inputs?

you can make use of example app here ( marketplace-sample-apps/Freshworks-Samples/Freshcaller/routing-automation-sample-app at master · freshworks/marketplace-sample-apps · GitHub ).

Currently Freshcaller does not have support to store data across invocation, so if a given input is required across call flows, if has to taken again from customer

On the IP address, yes, chat and caller would share the same IP range.


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