Delay in Product Events [Freshservice]


There seems to be a delay in the Product event on Fri, 26 Jun 2020 around 2:41 PM London time.
Our apps are not working because of this delay.

Hi @Gautham_Anantharaj,

We do not see any widely outage in the product events. Do you still see the delay in the product events?

If so, could you please provide the following information to analyze and narrow down the issue?

  1. Did this app work in the production sandbox account before and is not triggering the events now?
  2. Do you see any errors in the serverless logs?
  3. From when this event is not triggered?
  4. Is this intermittent or continuous?
  5. Were you able to run the same app in a regular account rather than a sandbox account?
  6. Does any other activities work in the Freshservice UI on the same account?
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@Gautham_Anantharaj I hope, the issue has been resolved at your end. Please confirm.


@Raviraj Yes The issue is resolved, Thanks for your help.

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