Error deleting an asset


I try to delete an asset
But I have this message :
“description”: “Validation failed”,
“errors”: [
“field”: “deleted”,
“message”: “awrns_service_delete_not_allowed”,
“code”: “invalid_value”

I try with CURL, with POSTMAN, with VB.Net or ASP CLASSIC
same error !!

An idea ?

CURL CODE : curl -v -u -X DELETE “


Welcome to Freshworks Developer Community :fireworks: :bouquet:
Apologies for the delayed response and the convenience caused.

This feature was added recently to stop asset deletion. This is being reverted and is targeted for FEB ERM. It will in prod sooner and user will be unblocked.

Here is some quick background from product team.

As part of Service Health Monitoring, restrictions were added to existing asset delete, edit APIs for Assets of service type only.

Note: As of now there is no SHM public API.If needed, We can delete the assets manually from background. Please share those details.