Error in establishing connection

Hi @channel,

While making an API call am facing an issue with the connection.

Getting an error of

{"status":502,"headers":{},"response":"Error in establishing connection","errorSource":"APP","attempts":1}

The error occurs in some networks frequently.

From my understanding if the connection is not stable or not reachable we can get this message but everything is fine here even facing this issue

Can I come to know what will be the root cause of this issue.

Hi @Anish

Good Day!

If you are making a third-party API call, Please verify that you have added the endpoint to the whitelist in the manifest.json file.

Can you please share the HAR log and code snippet for making a request call? it helps to debug the issue


HI @Sujith_Guna,

The above error message is taken from the Networks tab itself.

Do you need HAR file?

HI @Anish

Yes, can you please share the HAR file?


Sorry @Sujith_Guna ,

I am unable to share the HAR file, as the file exceeds the limit.

Is there any alternate solution?

Hi @Anish

Are you facing this problem every time? are you facing this problem only locally or in the published apps too? If possible can you please share the code snippet for making the request call? Please check the below tickets maybe this can help you.


Hi @Sujith_Guna ,

Facing issues only local with any API calls of Freshworks as of now in fresh sales.

In the below ticket found that the reason is a timeout error.

Is there any solution to fix this is necessary to work in local for me.