Error "This domain has not been whitelisted " after migrated to version 2.2

Hi, I need help.

I migrated my app to version 2.2. I have followed the instructions on how to migrate from version 2.0 to 2.2
I believe that the API URL is listed in the whitelisted domain in manifest.json.
Testing on local (using Freshwork CLI “fdk run”), I was able to run the app without the whitelisted domain issue.
But once published, the app can’t run because of the whitelisted domain issue.

Can anyone help me?


Hi Ahmad,

Hope you are doing good.

Can you please print the url that you are using and check the same is whitelisted in the manifest.json?

Will you be able to send the api url and the whitelisted domain array in the manifest.json?

Mughela Chandresh


Hi Mughela,

Thank you for the response.

Regarding this problem, we have found a solution.
By removing the port number from our external API URL on the whitelisted domain.

Is this behavior as expected?
Because in version 2.0 we can use URLs with port numbers in whitelisted-domains
In fact, in version 2.2 we can also use port numbers in the dev environment. but after the app is published, we have problem with whitelisted-domains

Hi Ahmad,

In whitelisted domains array, it is enough if we specify the domain url with the https:// protocol as prefix. No need to specify the absolute url path.

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