Event for ticket changed after scenario automation

Hey Community

I have built an app, which dynamically builds weblinks to our ERP system out of ticket information and does show if a custom ticket field “Verification mode” is set or not:


The custom ticket field is called “Verification mode” and tells us, how a customer/contact was verified to be the customer of a specific order-number (also given by a custom ticket field).
So it is a dropdown, which contains several options, but for this app it is only important if set or not.

This “verification mode” field is set via Scenario Automations where agents can choose, which verification mode they used to verify the customer (mail, phone, ERP data, …).
We’ve used scenario automations and not setting the field directly, because

  • The “verification mode” ticket field contains values which agents should not set manually. So they only have the scenarios for “their” values
  • Scenarios allow to give a brief explanation, what each value means - Allows to create shorter, abbreviation style ticket field values, which are not self-explanatory, but fit in the ticket field bar

But these scenarios do come with a drawback - I can’t react on the event ticket.customFieldChanged event and therefore the app does not refresh automatically when an agent uses the scenarios.

The product itself does refresh the values immediately after the scenario was executed.

How can I trigger a refresh in the app after scenario automation?
Does anyone had a similar usecase?
Is there any event I can subscribe to, which tells me that there was an update by a scenario automation?

Looking forward to answers/solutions :slight_smile:


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