Events are not being called in app while in dev mode


When installing an ‘in dev’ app into freshdesk - the events are not being fired at all.
Meanwhile if I publish the app into the Developer portal,- the events work just fine.

platform-version : 2.2

Hi @rimvydas ,

To simulate product events for local testing, please follow: Product Events

Simulating events work normally. What Im trying to do is install the dev app into the system to work with actual events and they’re not firing.

Installation of dev app in gallery is for simulation iparams/custom iparams page. for testing app rendering we have to attach ?dev=true to the url and for production events we need to use http://localhost:10001/web/events . And as mentioned in the doc:

if you need an actual ticket/contact to be created, then it is recommended to publish your app as a custom app and test the operation manually.

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Hi @rimvydas

This is a intended behaviour for now. The In dev tag that you see in app list within host freshdesk is to simulate the app configuration page only. That is to try app installation. We appreciate your expectation to simulate all product events within the product itself. :slight_smile:

For the product event, (For example the product event is onTicketCreate )

  1. Run the app locally by executing fdk run command.
  2. Go to the simulation page at http://localhost:10001/web/test.
  3. Select onTicketCreate event. A payload data will be shown that will be sent in the parameter for this event handler function. This test data is stored under the /server/test_data directory of the app which can be modified in the file or in this page to receive the required data for your test scenario. This file is relevant only for simulating the event.
  4. Click on the Simulate button. Now, the event will be triggered to the app, the log message from the event can be found in the Terminal or Command Prompt where the app is run.
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