Failed to submit installation parameters

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I have developed an FDK application for Freshdesk in React framework and also uses Custom objects. I published the app in the Freshdesk instance. When I tried to install the app, the below error pops up. Can you please help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

HI @rajezz,
Seems like there are multiple problems causing this issue,

  1. share with us the console errors if any
  2. HRA file of your n/w tab
  3. Ensure you passed data to postConfigs correctly


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Hi @Santhosh

Regarding points 1 & 2, I’ll share with you the HAR file and logs if any.

And for the last point, the app uses the iparams.json file.


Let me know if are struggling to get the Logs,


Hi @Santhosh,

The issue with the installation has been rectified. Thanks for the support :slightly_smiling_face:

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Glad you were able to resolve this on your own @rajezz. If you believe your experience and the solutions you found might be useful for others on the community, may I invite you to share the same for the benefit of other developers who might run into similar problems in the future?

Hi @satwik

I haven’t done anything from my side. The issue has been rectified by itself when I tried to install the app.