FreshDesk Search Companies API does not include a few fields

:point_right: 1. I was able to test Freshdesk this new API.

:bulb: 2. The issue is it has 4 less fields than Freshdesk. These are the missing field.

  • health_score
  • account_tiers
  • renewal_date
  • industry



Question is are we going to add those missing fields in this Beta API ? If so when will it be added ?

Hi @rxt,

We do not have the timeline for adding these fields to the Filter Company API. You can monitor our community announcements where we notify the members of any changes to the Product APIs when they are released.

Otherwise, you can contact the Freshdesk support ( to check with the product team if this is in the roadmap.

Are you expecting these fields in the API response for the Filter Company API or in the query-able fields to search company?
An alternative if expected in response is, you can make another API request based on company ID to fetch the required details.