Freshdesk's View Tickets API and onTicketCreate serverless event always return default email address of the requester

Freshdesk’s View Ticket API and onTicketCreate product event inside a serverless app always return the default email address even if a user contacts from his/her alternate email. This makes it difficult for us to perform certain internal validations such as the currently logged-in user account.

Is this an intended behaviour or bug?

Hi @ThirumalaiK,

Yes, the contact currently holds only one email address and not the alternative email address.

I wanted to understand this deeply, can you elaborate on your use case and how the alternate email is crucial?

Hey Jones, Thanks for your reply. It’s not about getting primary/secondary emails, it’s about getting the email address the user contacted us with.

Let’s say a user’s primary email address is “” and the secondary email is “”. When the user contacts us from “”, we always get “” in both the actor and requestor fields of the onTicketCreate event.