Freshteam: App installation fails with "function not found or registered" error

Hi Team,

We have developed a marketplace app “Monster” for freshteam product, recently we received a support ticket for one of the customer facing issue. To replicate it we tried installing the app in our test account and during app installation we are getting “function not found or registered” error only for certain server functions.

Note: The app was developed in Platform version “2.0”

We need support to proceed with the installation, so that we can look in the customer issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Ranjith. R

Are you trying to debug with FDK or as custom app?
can you please share with us the error logs to debug further?


We are facing this issue while installing the app and I took the error from API response. Is there a way to get error logs before installation?

please share with us the HAR logs, we will try to find the root cause.

and share with us the app zip?


Attached the HAR logs, I can’t share the publicly, Tried to DM you but facing permission issues. (99.6 KB)

Hi @Ranjith_Rajendran ,

Thanks for sharing the HAR logs with us.

The log says, Requested function 'getSourceCategoryId' not found or registered. Guess, it’s an SMI function.

Is your app still in platform version 2.0? If so, we’d highly recommend to migrate following this reference.

SMI docs have been updated & you can check the recent updates here - Server Method Invocation

Meanwhile to understand this better, I’ll create a private thread adding Santhosh as well. Feel free to share your zip privately there.


Hi Mariappan,

Thanks for your response.

Yes the app was developed in platform version 2.0. There is already a customer using it and now for any new installations do you mean that the app wont work without migrating to 2.2?

If you see the logs there are other SMI functions which still works, we are not clear why it throws error only for some of them.

Hi @Ranjith_Rajendran ,

Thanks for sharing the zip privately. Will check and get back to this thread with exact details.

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