Full Page application for Freshsales

I am trying to use full page app location in one of my custom app for Freshsales using the placeholder defined in the documentation.

This app location neither works at local nor at production.

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Hi @yusrakhatri,

From the documentation:

  1. Testing a full-page app locally is not supported. To test a full-page app, publish it as a custom app.

Can you share your app id for analyzing further (How to obtain App ID from the Developer Portal? - Wiki - Freshworks Developer Community)

Yes, I am testing it at production.
App ID: 35817

Hi @yusrakhatri,

We tried the same app in one of our accounts, we are able to find the app icon in the corresponding location

To debug if it’s an account-specific issue, can you share the network logs of home page loading. (How to generate HAR file to export and analyse network request logs? - Wiki - Freshworks Developer Community). Since the har file contains sensitive information moderator will start a private thread for sharing.

Closed the thread in private conversation. There could have been minor transient delay after the app installed to show up in the location.