Functionality Conflicts in Freshservice API and Native UI


My team and I have come across a few topics of discussion when using the Freshservice API to import devices into Freshservice. For example, some fields in Freshservice cannot be set to null when using the API. There seem to be restrictions when providing parameters for assets. These parameters require values to have a character length greater than 1, and cannot be null or empty string. Because of this, once given a value, these fields cannot be removed or set back to null with the API. Some of these fields are os_version, uuid, etc. The UI however allows you to set these fields back to empty string. We believe that this is an issue with the API as the API seems to apply greater restrictions than the UI. We believe they should allow the same functionality.

To Fix:
we should be able to set null value for some of these asset fields after they have been previously set.

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Thank you so much for identifying this @osanchez.

I would take this up to notify Freshservice product team to look into their APIs.

Meanwhile, did this block any of your work on the app that you are currently building? Did you find any work around? Are you still facing this issue?

Hello @Saif, my apologies for the delayed response.

We have been able to get around this by using empty strings to update certain fields.

Note: This however is only possible with some fields, not all.

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