Getting Error 404/Route not allowed when calling $db.set

I’m getting following error when trying to call $db.set:

DB Set Error: { message: 'Route not allowed', status: 404 }

Code snippet:

  onAppInstallHandler: function() { 
			function(url) { 
				$db.set("webhook", {'url': url }) .then( 
					function(data) {console.log(data), renderData() },
					function(err) {console.log("DB Set Error:", err), renderData(err)} )
			function(err) {
				console.log("GenerateURL Error:", err)

I’m not doing anything differently than before. Recently FDK prompted me to upgrade and I did.

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hey @stevemc

There are multiple reasons due to which you might get this error, could you check if your node version is 10.X, if the node version is correct, you can try deleting the .fdk folder in your app’s root and user root and run the app.

If your app has any custom configs, you can update the cutom_configs in HTTP://localhost:10001/custom_configs and run the app.

Hope this helps!

Stay Safe :slight_smile:


Thanks! Deleting the .fdk folder did the trick.