Google OAuth - Access token cannot be refreshed

I am trying to create a custom app to sync certain data between freshservice and Google. I have created a simple app that is a cut and paste from the OAuth example in the documentation. After authorizing with Google successfully, I get an error message that says “Access token cannot be refreshed”

I assume that most of the OAuth stuff is handled server-side, so how should I begin troubleshooting this?

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@meisan Could you please share your oauth_config.json?

Note: Hide the sensitive data.

I had to remove the redirect URIs and javascript origins due to the link limits on the forum, but I have verified those are working as expected.

“client_id”: “notarealid”,
“client_secret”: “supersecret”,
“authorize_url”: “”,
“token_url”: “”,
“options”: {
“project_id”: “my-project-name-here”,
“auth_provider_x509_cert_url”: “”,
“redirect_uris”: [
// removed due to link limits
“javascript_origins”: [
// removed due to link limits
“scope”: “
“token_type”: “account”

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@meisan I was able to successfully get access token using the below

"client_id": "enteryourclientid",
"client_secret": "enteryourclientsecret",
"authorize_url": "",
"token_url": "",
"options": {
	"scope": ""
"token_type": "account"

In your google project, add the below redirect URIs

http://localhost:10001/auth/callback?callback=http://localhost:10001/custom_configs?product= freshservice&product= freshservice

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