Green 'In Dev' Badge in New Marketplace Gallery

The new marketplace is great but I am struggling to understand the new ‘In Dev’ feature. (Custom Application with green badge next the install button that appears when you the new v7 FDK running)

I couldn’t find any docs on this but I assume that it allows you to test serverless app features in the app rather only being able to simulate them. If that’s correct, awesome new feature guys that will save lost of time.

I tried to install the app but I am getting 500 errors from the server when it tries to make calls via the request API. Is any documentation available for this feature.

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Good Day!
this feature (In Dev app i.e locally running app) will allow you to simulate all platform features except product events,

you need to use simulator to test the product events.

if other features are failing, can you please share us the FDK logs and HRA logs and screenshot of console error to debug further


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Hi Santosh,

Ok. Understood.

So this means the ?dev=true query parameter is no longer needed?

Hi @RobAtOpinyin,

This feature in the new App Gallery allows the app installation flow to be tested in the real product rather than simulation pages for locally running apps with Freshworks CLI (FDK).

Otherwise, the frontend and Serverless app testing stay the same way as early with ?dev=true for frontend apps to appear in the respective placeholders and http://localhost:10001/web/test page for simulation of Serverless events.

This feature will help to find and test how the installation page appears in the real product, when is the OAuth authentication happens, and when is the respective Serverless app setup events triggered.
It has been documented on CRM documentation. It is yet to be documented for the other products.


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