Help, I need a simple FreshCaller App to be created

HI There

I am looking for someone to create me a very very simple App to pop open a website when a call hits an agent.

I am not a developer, just a plain dumb user. Anyone out there who could help?

In a bit more details.

the URL that we want to open is made up of 2 elements, and Fixed part which will not change, and a Caller ID element that needs to be appended to the URL.

For arguments sake,

Fixed element:
variable element: the Caller’s telephone number (eg 02079981123)

so the url to be popped is

Anyone that can support or build this for me?

Thanks in advance

Hi Wayne,

Congratulations on your first post :tada:.

You can create a conversation_card app to achieve this functionality. When an agent is on a call, they can open the app and clicks the button that takes to the URL mentioned with the telephone number appended.

You need to derive the logic to generate the URL when the app is opened.

Freshcaller Documentation - Placeholders