How can I search the text of the last reply/note added to the ticket?

I’ve tried Javascript methods of search, indexOf, and window.find, for example or document.body.textContent.indexOf(), but the last reply/note somehow isn’t in the body however Freshdesk is designed. So how do I access it and search for a match for a particular phrase?

Didn’t find anything to key on at Data Methods either obviously.

Is the only way to send a GET request through the API for conversations?

Thank you in advance if you’re able to offer any help!

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Hi @jbwieg09,
All replies of a ticket will be available at /api/v2/tickets/<ticket_id>/conversations ( paginated with 30 replies per page size ). Each conversation will have body_text attribute ( text of the reply ) and body ( reply in HTML format ).

Right on, grab conversations via the API.

Thanks, Mani!