How do I do local testing if we already have a live app and we using it?

We do have our CTI app already live and our agents use it daily.
For me as a dev how would I perform local testing for the next release without disabling the live app ?


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Hello Mohammed,

You should be able to test your new app using local testing while the existing app is live and being used by agents everyday. Would you mind elaborating on what challenges you anticipate?

When you run the FDK locally and test your app as described here, the app will only load in your instance of the browser.

If there is a backend service/server that you also run as part of this that CTI app, that could also be running on your local machine.

Do elaborate on the challenges and we can try to provide solutions.

Did you mean testing a local app while a CTI app is already installed in the same account?

If that’s the case, only one CTI app can be rendered in an account. So, the live app has to be disabled to use the local app in the same account.
Alternatively, another developer trial account can be created and used to test the app locally during the development.

If there’s any other challenges, please do elaborate those so that we can provide right solution.

Is it possible to disable it for one user ?
as I don’t want to disable it for all the users.
otherwise it seems like creating a trial account is the option.

It is not possible to disable the app for a user while it is being active for other users.

You can create another developer trial account for testing your app in local environment. Please send an email to to extend your developer trail account after creating one.

Thanks, I already sent an email.

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