How many time entires can be listed

Hi team,
I am Using time entries api to fetching time entries. And also i am using per_page filters and page filters. But i could not use desc filter in time entries api any other filters same as desc can be used ?. And Now i am using per page as 100 and page API so totally how many response time entries data can i fetch using it.

Hi @ajay,

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To be sure, is this the API used to get the list of time entries of a ticket?

Hi @Raviraj,

Yeah i am using same api to fetch time entries records. Using this api how many records can be fetched by pagination.
1.Any other restriction is applied on pagination ?

@ajay The pagination guidelines are mentioned in the documentation here. It’s applied for all the APIs that has pagination.
If there are any additional restrictions available for specific APIs, it will be available in the appropriate API documentation page as a note.

The general pagination rule is applied for Time Entries API as well. The default records per page is 30 and it can be increased up to 100 records per page.

Regarding sorting, current ordering is based on the created_at field in the DESC order. It cannot be modified.