How to add attachments at portal customization


We are working in create ticket method at portal customization and we want to add attachments in that ticket from the local storage.

unirest package CDN is not working here and shows “unirest is not defined” error message.

so please, can anyone help me to resolve this issue?

Hi @Ramanidharan_Sathyam

At the moment, we don’t have experts on portal customization on this forum. At the moment I will leave if anyone from the community can add their thoughts.

Let us know meanwhile if you found anything?

Hi @Ramanidharan_Sathyam

I’m not expert as well, but could you elaborate your use case?
I mean, you are not using the snippets from the portal?
If you use:

{% snippet new_ticket_form %}

It already renders the form with the ticket fields and the attach button

But if you are trying to create ticket using API, it does not seems secure, since you would be exposing the api key.

Okay, thanks for your response

Hi Samuel Pares,
Thanks for your response,

We are not using this {% snippet new_ticket_form %} snippet

We are adding the new dropdown fields and changing the support mail id based on that new dropdown fields in the portal.

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