How to debug logs in production for a serverless app


I have a serverless app which doesn’t have iparams or oauth. It simply makes a call to an api on ticket creatton and ticket update. We have deployed this in production but are unable to debug the app as per FD docs , serverless logs will only appear if oauth is used or iparams are used. (both of which are not required here). Please suggest.

Also, for reference , the issue being faced is mentioned below:

We are trying to substring phonenumber from onticket create to remove the country code. This worked well in FD testing environment but for some reason it’s not working in production account. As logs are not available, we will not be able to give further analysis for this. Please suggest how could we resolve this:

var phoneNumber = “”+args[‘data’][‘requester’][‘phone’];
console.log(“Requester msisdn:” + phoneNumber);
var destinationMobileNumber = “95” + phoneNumber.substr(phoneNumber.length - 10);
console.log(“destinationMobileNumber:” + destinationMobileNumber);

Hi @rohan15,

Yes, as you have mentioned, on Freshdesk, the logs cannot be obtained if the app does not have iparams or OAuth used.

If you’re still testing in your own account, you can add a dummy iparam to let you access the serverless logs during the testing phase. This dummy iparam can be removed when the app is published.

If it’s already in a customer account or published in the marketplace, the logs for those applications cannot be accessed. You can reach out to our support to get logs in that case.

This restriction has been fixed in the new Marketplace gallery in other Freshworks products except for Freshdesk and Freshservice. It will soon be adopted to these products to use all the new features including this issue fix.