How to increase the timeout of Scheduled Events to invoke serverless apps?

We want to build one use case where we take asset information from the product, normalize the data and dump those into CMDB table.

We were thinking that for syncing the assets, we can have one scheduled event which runs on a given frequency. The associated callback will be responsible for fetching all the assets from Lansweeper and ingesting the assets to Freshservice after required transformations (through Freshservice Asset API). These are the few points that we wanted to discuss.

  • We noticed that the callback has a timeout of 20 seconds. Is there any way that we can increase this limit?
  • Let us know if we have any other option to go with if increase is not possible.

I had faced this timeout issue When my process execution took around 1-2 minutes sometime according to requirements, I came to know that it is not possible to increase the timeout limit, which is 20 seconds.

So, as the solution for this, We can use the self-hosted server which completes the execution successfully without a platform timeout limit issue.

Hope it will help in your scenario.


Do you have any example where you have created?

I hope you created middleware which will have the actual logic and from Freshservice it will just call that function and give the task.

I have created the middle ware gateway which take the event from the app and execute the logic.

Do you have any reference GitHub link which we can refer?

You can take reference from this demo which is developed by freshsales: marketplace-sample-apps/Freshworks-Samples/App-Development-Features/Serverless-Features/external_events_app at master · freshworks/marketplace-sample-apps · GitHub

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