Intermediate stopping of serverless/scheduled events

We are developing an app that uses scheduled events and rescheduling of the scheduled events to achieve data sync between a platform called KnowledgeOwl and Freshservice. So due to the large volume of data and considering the API limitations in Freshservice, We are syncing only 100 records every 6 minutes using the scheduled event. This process is working seamlessly and we are able to sync about 1200 records while we tested the app in the local instance. When published the scheduler/serverless function stops the execution without throwing an error. And we have analyzed the code, For every scenario, the errors have been properly logged. This stoppage of the serverless function/scheduled event is inconsistent, Some of the time it is stopping at the beginning itself and sometimes it is stopping after the execution of some schedules. Can someone help us with this?

Hello @Thamaraiselvan, if you could attach the logs, would like to take a look.

Are the logs something you were able to capture using the app settings in the admin module?

Do you see this reproducible?

References to find what’s wrong:

See how fdk.log helps in troubleshooting

Copy specific section of logs using Debug Mode

Share browser logs if you think those can help.

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Hello Saif Ali Shaik,
On implementing the recurring scheduled event, we tried to sync 100 records every 6 minutes. For the 100 records to get synced it takes 2-3 mins. We came to know that there is a product limitation of 20 seconds timeout for product events. And we have concluded, this may have caused the sync logic breakage without throwing any errors. Currently, we are changing our sync logic to accommodate the product event’s timeout. Thank you for the support!

Thamaraiselvan Annadurai.

Glad that you found the way out yourself. If you need further help, you’re welcome to create a topic on the forum.

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