Is it possible to get a list of the FreshSales users via an API, together with their IDs?

Challenge: our lead platform integrates with FreshSales and sends leads there. This works fine. I need to be able to let our platform users choose which FreshSales users the new leads will get assigned to.

To do that I need to retrieve the list of names and IDs so I can give them a dropdown list. I can’t see an endpoint for getting the list of users! The only way currently I can see is to log on to FreshSales, navigate to a user, extract their ID from the URL and then paste it into our platform! This sucks from a usability point of view.

After surveying the developer documentation it does appears like there’s on API category that’s available to list the agents/users of a particular account.

We have put you in touch with Freshsales Product team to take this conversation further, please let us know what you learn!