Is it possible to get an event in the app if agent logout from Freshdesk?

Is there a way to automatically logout from the custom (Ziwo) Freshdesk plugin If the agent logs out from Freshdesk?

Hi Shyambeer Singh,

As of now, we only support the following set of product events:

  • onTicketCreate
  • onTicketUpdate
  • onCompanyCreate
  • onCompanyDelete
  • onCompanyUpdate
  • onContactCreate
  • onContactUpdate
  • onConversationCreate
  • onExternalEvent
  • onScheduledEvent
  • onTimeEntryCreate
  • onTimeEntryDelete
  • onTimeEntryUpdate
    The details about the corresponding events can be found here
    Can you please me know the scenario, so that I can help furthuer with this :grinning: