Is there a way to limit the user from entering more than 10 digits for phone number?

We must limit user from entering more than 10 digits and special characters when the input type is phone number before the phone number comes to custom app code for validation.

Can you elaborate on where you want to impose this limit? And what do you mean by the phone number coming to the custom app code?

We have a routing automating where we vaildate users phone number. Here the input type is “Mutliple digits”. But we want to restrict user from entering more than 10 digits. Is it possible to do that?

@Vidhya I am still not clear on the exact use case here. Do you have a custom field for tickets that you want to validate from an app running in the new tickets page or the ticket details page?

If so, you can use Events Methods to intercept ticket property update events and run the validation you need.

But, if your question is related to a product’s inbuilt automation scenarios, can you please ask this question on

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