Is there any event listener for custom fileds changes in new ticket page?

Hi guys,

In fresh works custom app development is there any event related to custom filed validations Because in documentation for new ticket page they are not mentioned any event for custom fields only for few fields they gave events.

For example: validation should be like If i am giving custom number field vale is 1234 then in custom drop down (there are 4 values then) it should change to 2nd value.

For these type of custom validations is there any trigger events in fresh works?
Thanks in advance!!


Hi, @Nani_rishi!

I’m afraid that the only available events listeners for New Ticket Page are these.
So as for now, I guess there’s no way to listen to change in custom fields using FDK.
And even using jQuery, I think it won’t be possible, since cross origin frame access is blocked.

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As @samuelpares mentioned, it’s not possible to listen to Custom fields change on the New ticket page.

I will move it to the Feedback category and pass this to the product team to consider adding to the roadmap. We will keep this thread posted if there’s any update regarding this feature.