Issue in viewing ticket attachments

I came across an issue in Attachment Manager. When I tried to view an attachment by clicking the attachment in the app widget, it fails to open and throw an error while I tried to open the same with Right-click and Open link in a new tab, it worked.

Please refer below screenshot for further reference

Below method worked


Below method failed


Can anyone help me with what needs to be done to resolve the issue?

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Hey @rajezz,

The issue you mentioned is a known issue and the workaround is exactly the right click method you tried, this is due to the product restriction.

Stay Safe :slight_smile:


Hi @velmurugan,

Hope you are doing good!!

Thanks for the update. Can you please let me know once the issue is rectified?

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Hi @velmurugan

I believe this was working before, why the sudden change?


Hi @velmurugan,

Do we have any updates on this?

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I am not sure if it worked earlier, it’s been the same, as long as I can recall.

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@velmurugan Is this issue rectified? We have few customers facing this issue.

cc: @Saif @Raviraj

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