Issue with file encoding of the new app in Windows

Hi Team,

I have recently updated the FDK version to the latest 8.2.0 and the node version is 14.17.3

when I am trying to create a new app using fdk create for freshservice product both the first app and serverless app i can see content in the file below every file showing same

Can you please help me out resolve this issue ASAP


Hi @Tejasri_Kalluri, I cross-checked the app template and I cannot reproduce the issue. This is likely an issue with encoding on that device.

Can you let us know:

  • What version of Windows are you on?
  • Assuming you have an antivirus or other security systems installed, what happens when you “open it anyway”?
    • What file encoding do you see after you open it?

Can you try:

  • Deleting the .fdk folder in your home directory? (This can be something like C:\Users\<username>\.fdk or C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\.fdk)
  • Once done, retry the fdk create command.
  • Share a screenshot of the contents of C:\Users\<username>\.fdk\addons directory
  • Share the log/fdk.log file you’ll find in the app directory where you ran fdk create.

Hi @kaustavdm, Thanks for responding

It is a windows 10

I can see this issue a couple of days before, but now not able to replicate the issue not sure and don’t know what happened that day

anyway thanks for ur support


Thanks for the update, @Tejasri_Kalluri. I am glad to know that the issue is resolved. Please let us know if the issue recurs.

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