Long URLs in an href in a sidebar widget are being rewritten

In a sidebar widget, I am rendering a list of links related to the ticket, like
Google in a new tab

This URL is works fine, but in my real world example, a long URL with lot’s of querystring parameters is rewritten. The first part of the URL replaced with


What is going on here and how can I stop it?



Hi @adam_steckel,

Can you please confirm if my understanding is correct?

  1. On the ticket sidebar, you seem to list some of the URLs in the HTML.
  2. But when user clicks one of those links, the expected behaviour is to open the new tab in the browser.
  3. #2 is not happening. Instead, you are being redirected to http:localhost:10001/iframe/template.html?appId=1234


  1. Did you try uploading lyour app as a custom app? If not, can you try doing that and see what happens?
Resources that can help us debug
Please try to see if you can turn the debug logs on and share those logs with us.

@adam_steckel, I might be little late getting back to you to check in. Nevertheless did you find any alternative or solution to your described problem?

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