[Looking for a developer] I want to Develop a simple Chatbot app on the top of freshchat


I have a requirement to build a simple chatbot that integrates with Freshchat, does anyone offer such a service?


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Just confirming.

Are you looking for developers who are willing to build an app for you?

Yes, that is correct


If you have skill to build an app on the top of freshchat ping me, please.


Hi @Yazan_Masafah, Welcome to the forum :wave: ! I have merged the topics here so that it will be easier for the respective freshchat’s community champion to guide you :slight_smile:

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Hi Yazan,

We do have a network of SI partners who have the expertise to build apps on Freshchat. Can you email me at narayan.ramachandran@freshworks.com? I will connect you with the right SI to help you with this. Thanks!


Thanks Man… I will send you and email