Make the chat button bounce but not the chat window

If I am in the wrong place, please let me know. I am also not a programmer so I will apologize now if I am slow on the uptake.

In Feb of this year we changed over to Freshchat from another platform, and we have watched our usage drop to abysmal numbers. We have tried to change colours and moved it around with no change. I would like to do more. I want to have the initial chat bubble bounced.

If you scroll down slightly, you will see bounce 2. I want to do that with the Freshchat bubble but not the basic chat program. Currently, I can make the entire thing bounce which is hilarious, but far from intuitive. Is there a way to just get hold of the initial chat bubble?

I am uncertain how to get hold of the initial bubble without impacting the entire chat. Any direction would be appreciated.

Thank you!


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Hi David,

We do not have Freshchat experts on our community actively contributing. While waiting for a response from anyone who can help, I have connected you with the Freshchat support team over a support ticket.

Please continue the conversation in the support ticket to get a solution if possible.

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Thank you Raviraj.

I think I was taking a shot in the dark. I appreciate the direction.

Have a great day!


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