Need clarification on onAgentStatusCreate product event


I have been going through the documentation and found that the onAgentStatusCreate is pretty confusing.

could any one explain this with examples?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Bene_Immanuel

Here is an attempt at making it simpler. To give an analogy, it is more like setting your status on Slack or Google meet but in Freshdesk (I know it is Apples to Oranges :smile:).

Agent Status Object is used to denote the agent status such as Busy or Away. Eg. busy : Agent is engaged in work-related activities such as meetings, trainings, and so on. and away: Agent is away on activities such as lunch, personal work, and so on that hinder the online availability of the agent.

There is an option to create custom status and update them. For each such events we have published 3 events,

  1. onAgentStatusCreate for when a custom agent status is created in the Freshdesk system
  2. onAgentStatusUpdate for modifications to the attributes of an agent’s status such as Status name, Emoji (icon associated with the status) and State
  3. onAgentStatusDelete for when An admin deletes the custom statuses configured in the Freshdesk system or Account deletion or moving the account to a plan that does not support custom statuses causes the Freshdesk system to automatically delete the custom statuses.