NLU Bot in Freshchat

When customers contact us through a Freshchat channel, I want to refer them to an NLU bot tied to our knowledge base to try to address their concern before flagging a live agent. Can someone point me to resources on the best way to do this?

  1. Customer initiates a session through a Freshchat channel
  2. The 3rd party NLU bot asks the customer what they need help with and engages in back and forth conversation to troubleshoot the issue
  3. If the customer says their issues is resolved, the conversation is closed. If they say they still need an agent, it moves the conversation to a different group for live agents to attend to.

If there’s a way to do this without invoking Freddy, that would be ideal since I don’t really need Freddy to just be a middleman unless it’s absolutely necessary (and if it is, so be it; just need to know).