oAuth no longer working

I’m receiving the message “Error while authorizing the app” when I attempt to authorize a new device on my custom app.

I have a custom app that’s published internally that authenticates using agent level tokens to my CRM. Everything had been working fine and no changes have been made but we’re now unable to authenticate new devices. The existing devices are working fine.

When hosting the app in development mode, I’m able to authenticate fine with the server side oAuth callback URL changed to the correct URL for local testing.

I have a video and HAR files but I would prefer not to post them publicly if possible.


For new devices, are you seeing any errors from your CRM side? Is the OAuth request reaching your CRM? Maybe there is some limitation on maximum devices that can be added?

The server is successfully returning a 302 Redirect.

I don’t believe there’s any server issue because when the freshdesk app is hosted locally for development and the server’s callback url is configured for local development, authentication is fine.


What are some possible reasons using the app in dev mode works but using it in production does not?